Please complete the reimbursement form and email the completed form with appropriate documentation to Dawn Ferreyra at

Link to Form:

Click on the link above, and then click USE TEMPLATE in the top right corner.


  • Materials for a NEW instructional program

  • Materials to ENHANCE a CURRENT program. (These materials can't be a repurchase or replacement of current materials or texts.)

  • Professional Learning books and materials.

  • Instructional materials for family engagement.


Title III funds can be used to attend a conference or event. This event must be in support of the goals of multilingual education. Title III cannot pay for meals or food expenses.

Mileage Expense Form for use as of January 2023.

Please use the documents below if you need more information or examples.


Use the second page of the form to identify information regarding off-contract/summer work per district arrangements. The completed form and all supporting documentation must be submitted together. In your documentation, be sure to include a clarification of the nature of the work according to the guidelines of Title III reimbursement, contract information including payment details, hours/dates worked, etc., and documentation of district payment to the individual(s).