EL Program Review Hyperdoc

  • Multiple resources linked within the document to support you and your team in a continuous process for program review

  • From ESU #3 June 2019 EL Program Review Support Sessions

01_EL Program Review Support Session (2019)

EL Program Review Checklist Fillable Template

  • Updated Program Review Checklist (2018-2019)

ATTENTION: Download as a Word document for checkable boxes to function properly

WORD Fillable Template_Program Review Checklist - Checkable boxes in WORD only (2).docx

ELPA21 Assessment

ELPA21 - NDE webpage dedicated to ELPA21 (Screener and Summative Assessment Information and Resources)

Article: Bringing It All Together with a Master Plan (3/2019) Language Magazine_Resource for ProgRev planning.pdf

Language Magazine, March 2019

Great article to read for program review!

NEW from Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA): English Learner Family Toolkit

Chapters 1 and 2 available. Additional chapters will be posted as they become available.

The topics include:

2018 Administrator Days (NDE Day) EL Presentations:

Each site linked below offers excellent resources and information - check them out!

ESU #4 ELL Network (wikispaces will close July 31, 2018) Stay tuned for ESU #4's website

ESU #13 English Language Learners

NDE: EL Secondary Working Group - Website dedicated to topics and resources for educators of secondary EL students (A good resource for MS and Elem EL educators)

Additional Resources

Assessment/Evaluation and Response Planning

Research Articles

From the Executive Summary: ...Hanover conducted eight in-depth interviews with district- and school-level EL educators, including assistant superintendents of educational services, directors of EL programs, EL teachers, and EL program specialists, coordinators, and consultants.